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Floorink at Home

Printed Space: Floorink for Home

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Printed Space: Floorink for Home

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Floorink has a soft touch and a great look. It is quiet and warm, durable, safe and healthy. It allows you to create flooring as individual as you.

Inspiration is what you are looking for when making that vital decision on your new floor. Floorink is the flooring choice that will inspire you to create a better environment for your home.

Floorink provides you with a scratch-resistant and extremely durable surface. It also gives superior protection against spillages and scuff marks.  The top layer houses a unique safety feature – meaning the level of grip is not significantly reduced by spills or splashes of water or any other liquid, which means a floor for your home that, is beautiful, practical and safer to walk on. 

The top layer’s surface finish has a natural low gloss and allows for easy cleaning, also preventing dirt and scuffmarks.

Floorink is safe for all rooms in your home, particularly children’s rooms, kitchens and bathrooms where it provides a more practical and hygienic flooring solution.

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