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it's easier than it looks. Usually it will take less than ten minutes to find your perfect

image, set up account and buy it.

Step 1.

Click here and the iStock library will open in a separate window.

Printed Space: Searching with iStockphoto

Step 2.

Sign-up, it takes seconds, it's guaranteed secure and you can rest assured that simply by signing up and searching the site there's absolutely no compulsion to buy. You need to sign up so that you can make a light box. Once you have chosen your image you will buy it directly from iStock so that's the another good reason to sign-up now. iStock don't send you any spam.

Step 3.

Search for the type of image you are interested in. Under each image you'll find a button to save the image to your lightbox. The lightbox is like a shopping basket, the image sits in the box for you to look at and compare with other images. It is NOT a button to buy the image, that comes later. You can add as many images to your lightbox as you like, but go easy, the more you save off to the lightbox the harder the decision later on.

Printed Space: Searching with iStockphoto

Printed Space: Searching with iStockphoto

Step 4.

Finished searching, go to your lightbox - there's a button top right - and choose your image. When you click on buy image there will be a size guide, in most cases you'll need the highest resolution. If in doubt call us on 01524 888808 or email us. You can always save you lightbox and go back to it later.

Printed Space: Searching with iStockphoto

Step 5.

Buy your image online. It will be emailed to you and you can forward it to us. If you're not sure about this step call us and we'll walk you through it.

Last resort:

If you feel overwhelmed with the millions of images to choose from, let us know what you are looking for and we will email you a small selection. Call us on 01524 888808 or email us here. We also feature our favourite istock images at Design Ideas and also the most popular to help you make a quick choice.

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